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Presentations, Coaching, and More

Passionate about supporting teachers, principals, other educational leaders, and parents to strengthen the quality of learning for our children, I’ve been privileged to speak and coach in a number of settings.

Below is my presentation at #140edu 2012 – The State of Now at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan on the topic of instructional coaching.

Putting On The Coach’s Hat To Improve Instruction

Not only am I developing a robust instructional coaching program at my own school, but I have also provided coaching to other schools through Darim On-line’s Social Media Boot Camp as well as to individual principals.

Another topic on which I speak frequently is on raising compassionate, socially conscious children. In these sessions I have drawn upon insights from the upbringing of moral exemplars, most particularly although not exclusively, Holocaust rescuers. I was privileged to present on this topic at Purdue University’s 2011 Holocaust Conference Student Program in a special session for educators on what Holocaust rescuers have to teach parents and educators about character development.

I presented a course on Learning and Leading in Online Community for the 2013 Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning Conference (C013).

Extending my support for educators to on-line Communities of Practice, I serve as facilitator of YU2.0, a community of educators invested in learning, collaborating and integrating technology into education. I am also comoderator of #educoach, a learning community on twitter on the topic of instructional coaching, including a weekly real time conversation, ongoing sharing of resources and professional collaboration, book discussion group, and Instructional Coach Chat Wiki, or collaboratively developed web site.

Educational Podcasts on which I’ve been featured include:

  1. TeacherCast Podcast #14 “The Value of School Leadership” (@mr_brett_clark, @ShiraLeibowitz, @principalsharp, @RondMac) TeacherCast sits down with Shira Leibowitz, Brett Clark, Jarret Sharp and Ron McAllister to talk about Educational Leadership and how we can set the best example for others.     
  2. TeacherCast Podcast #18 “Digital Citizenship and PLC’s” (@ShiraLeibowitz, @AHenrey, @coachb0066) TeacherCast sits down with Shira Leibowitz, Amber Henery, and William Brannick to discuss Digital Citizenship in our schools and how we can use our PLC’s to our advantage.   
  3. TeacherCast Podcast #20 “Teaching Beyond the Classroom Walls” (@Mr_Brett_Clark @ShiraLeibowitz @Akevy613) TeacherCast sits down with Akevy Greenblatt, Shira Leibowitz, and Brett Clark to discuss how teachers can learn to think differently about 21st century teaching methods.     
  4. TeacherCast Podcast #23 “#EduCoach” (@principalj @ShiraLeibowitz @KathyPerret) TeacherCast sits down with Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz and Kathy Perret from the #educoach twitter chat to discuss the importance of Educational Leadership.   
  5. TeacherCast Podcast #32 “”( @DanFlies @shiraleibowitz)  TeacherCast sits down with the creators of to talk about their amazing FREE classroom blogging platform.
  6. TeacherCast Podcast #39 “The Many Hats a Principal Wears” (@brentcoley @shiraleibowitz @rondmac @principalj) TeacherCast sits down with Shira Leibowitz, Ron McAllister, Jessica Johnson and Brent Coley for Administrator Cast 3.0!     
  7. TeacherCast Podcast #40 “Social Media and the School System” (@shiraleibowitz @ron_peck @wiscprincipal @mamouton1) TeacherCast sits down with Ron Peck, Curt Rees, Shira Leibowitz and Marion Mouton to talk about the role of Social Media in the school district. 
  8. Teachercast Podcast #51 “EdJewCast”(@Bassjen1 @shiraleibowitz @akevy613) TeacherCast welcomes guest hosts Jennifer Bradbury and Shira Leibowitz as the panel discusses Jewish Education in society today.
  9. Teachercast Podcast #71 “Administratorcast 4 No Office Day (@principalj @shiraleibowitz @wkingbg) TeacherCast sits down with Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz and William King to discuss No Office Day.
  10. Eduleadership Radio Podcast: No Office Day 2011 Jessica Johnson, Shira Leibowitz, and William King discuss No Office Day in this episode of Eduleadership Radio. No Office Day is a movement to get out of the office and into classrooms – something we should do every day, but something worth focusing on to improve our practice.

Educational Blogging

In addition to Sharing Our Blessings, I contribute to a number of group blogs including: TeacherCast Educational Magazine, Connected Principals, and Avi Chai Educational Technology Blog.

You can reach me at

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